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Leonie Sheedy, Advocate for Survivors of Australian Orphanages

Leonie Sheedy, Advocate for Survivors of Australian Orphanages

One of my favourite aspects of being a Photographer is how on an assignment I can visit a subject for a few hours where they often completely open up and leave with a deep insight into who they are and what they do.  Recently, I shot a very interesting person for the Australian Womens Weekly. Her name is Leonie Sheedy and she is one of the founders of CLAN, a support and lobby group for survivors of Australian orphanages.
We found a location near where she lived in Geelong at one of the many  old orphanages across the country of which many are derelict buildings. In an eerie coincidence a young boy and girl came to play in the front yard of the building as we were completing the shoot. They were almost like the ghosts of the children who used to live here. Shot on my D3x, 14-24 Zoom, SB900s and David Honl light modifiers.



Client: Daimler

I was asked to shoot a large group shot at a conference and supply prints for every attendee by the end of the day. There wasn’t a chance to so a site recci but I was told there was a large open area that would probably be suitable.

A pet hate of mine is seeing large group shots lit by lights (usually soft boxes) either side of the camera so the area is flooded by light. This is a safe option, but not very flattering for the group.

I always look for how can a accomplish a soft light, falling off from one side of the subject to the other with a good balance. On this job, I needed to have 5 speedlights aimed towards the ceiling to the left of camera, 2 speed lights through my interfit softbox, I  used the ambient for fill and had a speedlight lighting the ceiling behind the group to add some tone.